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Over 12 Years in Business providing providing References, Winning Resumes, Landlord history  and much more call today or sign up and Services 
  • Professional References 
  • Landlord References 
  • Personal References 
  • B2B References 
  • Client References 
  • Background checks passed every time !  
  • Rental History 
  • Paystubs , ect 
  • Custom References 
  • Resume Writing 
  • Website Design 
  • Career Consultation 
  • and much more !

For over 12 years has provided references and successfully passed even the most in-depth background check imaginable, landing our members jobs daily and changing their  lives one call at a time in a way and at a level no-one else can.   

We deal with the industry's top leading background checking companies that exist and with every call change the lives of those who deserve it!   The corporate world is cutthroat , so the steps taken to gain your place may at some time call for help like ours.   We cover all of the USA, Canada, UK, AU and many more areas.

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After 12+ years of helping disadvantaged job applicants we have learned what it takes to help our members in a way and at a level no other can. 

We do so much more than answer or reply to a call.  
The best way to use our services is to complete a free reference request form via the provided link and then speak with a Career Consultant who will work with you to create an employment history that will increase the chances of you being selected over your competition, every time.  
Your Career Consultant will base their suggestion on many different variables, including but not limited to: Your submitted request form, current resume, age, targeted Job title, Industry etc..  
Once you have completed the request form your Career Consultant will put together your requested references based on the information you provide, you will then receive via email a detailed draft that will show you how we can help and what you will receive once you proceed. The information provided includes the following details: Established company site, Professionally located company address in your requested area, Reference Providers Name, Email address, Company Extension, and much more.    
Custom references are also available and will require an agreement between you and your Career Consultant. There are only a few reasons that I will suggest using an actual company rather that one we own, you will see these listed below along with the reasons you should not use an actual company.    
Reasons are as follows:   
• Main reason not to use an actual company rather than one that we own is if any company checking your reference looks online and calls the number listed on the actual site then its game over!     
• We cannot provide you with a website unless we own the company that we are providing the reference for.  

• When using an actual company such as for example, we would not be able to provide you with an email address of We would only be able to provide something similar, for example; or  

• When we receive a request for a custom reference this is how the email will be set up and acquired. There is an additional cost of $35 to have us purchase a new domain in order to provide you with a company email. This has been very successful and has not raised any red flags. 
• We only answer calls in the company name if the company is one that we own. However, when we answer calls for a member in a company other than the one we own, we will have a live operator answer the call as follows; Thank you for calling John Doe's office, how may I help you ? They will then ask for the name you have been provided by Careerexcuse and the call will be transferred to your assigned reference provider. Once the reference provider is on the line, He/She can answer as follows; "Thank you for calling (Your custom company name) this is John Doe speaking, how may I help you?.    
• If there is a company that already has your resume and has called you in for an interview, then you will want to keep everything the way it is listed on the resume they have. In this case we can help but an agreement must be made and I do not want payment being made until you have spoken with a Career Consultant to discuss how it works when done this way.  
We guide you through the process From start to finish no matter the request , step-by-step, down to the smallest part. Our providers will do all of the hard work. Remember, every request from the smallest verification to your work experiences and education are unique. Our system will help you create a history that reflects your greatest strengths or requested needs. You will land more interviews in no time, and get hired for your dream job or successfully verify any needed information.
Beat the competition with a professional quality resume that can be emailed and downloaded in multiple file types including Microsoft Word and PDF formats. Our professional writers make each resume Applicant Tracking System friendly, meaning you won’t get rejected by picky HR software. 
We will make sure you present a perfect resume in today’s job market, We are proud to present our members an exclusive “Ask an Expert” service, featuring a real time 1-on-1 Certified Professional Resume Expert. Our Expert will review your resume for accuracy and clarity. You will get recommendations on how to improve your resume, dramatically increasing your interview call-back rates.
Get your resume personally reviewed by a Career Excuse Coach!

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Thank you for considering to outsource your professional reference needs.  

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